“Truthers” Getting More Desperate

Readers may remember “ Truthers” A and B from an earlier article.  As usual, they are both still making complete fools of themselves.

  I will start with “Truther” B, who provided this link  to an article by Victor Thorn, who makes this statement, “ That same afternoon, Nicole told this writer: “To my knowledge, a plane went down near Imgrund Mountain Road off of New Baltimore Road. It’s so isolated and rocky along that hillside that it’d be an ideal place for a plane to be hidden.”
Nicole’s revelations coincide with information provided in Phantom Flight 93,* especially a crucial live telecast filed by CNN’s Brian Cabell on Sept. 11. He reported that a second debris field had been cordoned off approximately six miles from Shanksville. Obviously, plane crashes don’t cause wreckage to mysteriously fly six miles through the air.”

 There are some problems with this claim, however: 1: It doesn’t matter how isolated the area is, it is rather difficult to hide something as large as a Boeing 757, 2: As fellow Debunker 5, also from a previous article, pointed out, before one hides the plane, one first has to land it and there are no landing strips in the area, and 3, that 6 miles is MAPQUEST directions and roads tend to meander.  Fellow Debunker 5 pointed out that it is actually only a mile and a half away as the crow flies and the only debris found there was paper and light metals, which could have been transferred there by the wind quite easily.

 Next, we have “Truther” A. First, “Truther A provides this Youtube video.  After watching it, it becomes quite clear that the video in question is a PARODY of “truthers.”  In other words, it is MAKING FUN of “truthers.”

 Next “Truther” A provides this site, owned by Stephen M. St John, which claims that the photo near the top of the page and about halfway down the page at said site ( it’s the same photo but the one halfway down is better quality)  was taking on the morning of 9/11/01. 
 “Truther” A thinks that the fact that the camera says West Security Checkpoint # 1 while passengers are heading south “proves” a conspiracy-  I do not know if the Web site makes the same claim.  As I have said before, “ Truther” A is dumb even for a “truther.”  He doesn’t realize that West Security Checkpoint # 1 simply tells you the LOCATION of the checkpoint;  it does NOT indicate the direction of foot traffic through the checkpoint.
   Now, getting back to the Web site, it claims the picture was taken of the hijackers going through the checkpoint the MORNING of 9/11/01 and the camera is facing north.  But take a close look at the picture and you will notice that the sunlight is brightest to the camera’s LEFT, which would put the sun to the left of the camera.  Since the camera is facing north and the sun is OBVIOUSLY to the left, anyone see the problem with this site’s claim that this video was taken in the morning?   Yep-  if one is facing north, WEST is to the left. Since the camera is facing north and the sun is on the LEFT, that puts the sun in the west.  Since when is the sun in the west in the morning?  That leaves us with two possibilities:  Either the Web site is lying or Superman reversed the earth’s rotation. I’m going to go with the former.










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