Bishop Richard Williamson should Review 10 Commandments

Fellow Debunker one, who readers may remember from my previous article  recently provided me with the following Youtube video  of

a Catholic bishop, Richard Williamson,  which the video claims to be telling the truth.  However, as I will show you, the bishop has a

longer nose than Pinocchio.











(picture from here)


At 1 minute, he claims it was not two airplanes that brought down the twin towers.  The fact is NOBODY other than “truthers” claimed

the planes alone brought down the towers. As we see here, it was a COMBINATION of the impact,  severe structural damage caused by

said impact, fires etc that caused the collapse.
At 1 minute, 4 seconds, Bishop Williamson claims the Twin Towers were professionally demolished, which is yet another lie.  The best

article exposing this lie is Brent Blanchard’s 8/8/06 article.  Refer to Blanchard’s  article and you will see that the

claim that explosives were planted from the top to bottom of the towers is a blatant lie as controlled demolition is ALWAYS started at

the bottom and the collapses clearly began at the impact points.  Furthermore, as Brent Blanchard points out, they would have to tear

the towers apart to properly place the explosives and it takes MONTHS of preparation to do so. In addition, the WTC was occupied

24/7, which would make planting the explosives without getting caught problematic to say the least.
At 3 minutes and 6 seconds, Bishop Williamson claims no airplane struck the Pentagon.  This is yet ANOTHER lie.  We have

NUMEROUS eyewitnesses who SAW a PLANE slam into the Pentagon, as we see here.  Let’s not forget the fact that Flight 77 flew over a

busy freeway in the middle of rush hour. Also, how does Bishop Williamson explain the aircraft wreckage all over the Pentagon lawn?

(reference ).
At around 3 minutes 33 to 3 minutes 40 seconds, Bishop Williamson needs to do some better research on what commercial jet noses

are made out of- he claims it is aluminum, when as we see here, it is actually made from fiberglass or other nonmetals. Hint:  Aluminum

was a metal last time I checked- as the aforementioned link  mentions, aluminum, as a metal, would interfere with the radar, as that is

where the radar antenna is located.. Second, there is a lot more to the aircraft than the nose cone.  Even if the nose cone was smashed

on impact, the remainder of the plane would continue in the direction it was going per Newton’s First Law of Motion. In addition, basic

physics tells you a speeding plane slamming into a reinforced concrete wall probably is NOT going to remain intact-  and there were

indeed PARTS of a plane found inside the Pentagon as well as on the lawn.
At around 4 minutes and 14 seconds, the bishop claims that a guided missile hit the Pentagon.  However, I pointed out that was a lie

in an earlier article.   As we see here, a missile penetrates the target first, THEN explodes.  Hint:  This means that, had it been a missile,

most of the damage would have been directed OUTWARD, however, all evidence clearly shows most of the damage was directed

Clearly, Bishop Williamson needs to reacquaint himself with the 10 Commandments, specifically Commandment 9.











(picture from here)


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