Exposing more “Truther” Lies

It is once again time to expose “truthers” for the liars they are. “Truther” B, who readers may remember from an earlier article, provided this link as “proof”  that no plane hit the Pentagon.  The clams are provided by Dennis Cimino, who is a member of the Pilots for 9/11 “Truth” ( source). As you may recall, this is the same Pilots for 9/11 “Truth” that lied about the location of gate D26 at Dulles International Airport-  they claimed it was at the end of Concourse D, when it is actually a few gates down from the end ( reference). The other two “experts” cited are Jim Fezter, and Jim Hoffman, a philosopher and a software engineer, respectively. They compare the Sandia F-4 test to a Boeing 757, which is apples to oranges. As we see at the beginning of this video, the F-4 was a fairly light plane- plus the test was conducted in 1988 ( reference). For one thing, the Boeing 757 is much more massive. An F-4 plane has a maximum weight of about 60,000 lbs or 27,000 kilograms ( source). The Boeing 757 has a maximum weight of between 220,000 lbs and 255,000 lbs ( between 99,800 and 115,660 kilograms). ( reference). Simply put, the Boeing 757 has about 3 1/2 to 4 1/4 times the mass of an F-4. As we see from the original link, the F-4 was accelerated to about 500 MPH.  As we know, despite “truther” claims to the contrary, Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon at about 530 MPH, so, it had slightly more  acceleration in a  different direction- ie, the F-4 had positive acceleration and Flight 77 had negative acceleration, which, as any physics book will tell you, is quite possible. For example, when you push the gas pedal down on your car and the speed increases, that is positive acceleration. When you press the brake and slow the car down ( or stop the car), that is negative acceleration.  For the sake of the math, I will discount the positive and negative aspect. Acceleration is the change in velocity over time.  Flight 77 made it’s 330 degree turn at about 9:34 am, at which time it was about 5 miles away and increased it’s speed to 530 MPH- again, to simplify the math, I will start from that point. Flight 77 hit the Pentagon at about 9:37 am ( source). That means it took Flight 77 3 minutes or 180 seconds to traverse those 5 miles. Granted, the F-4 and Flight 77 weren’t necessarily traversing the same distance or taking the same amount of time for their respective impacts,  but let’s say they did for the sake of argument. The speed of the F-4 was 500 MPH or about 805 km/hr or 223 m/s. The speed of Flight 77  was 530 MPH or about 853 km/hr or 237 m/s. Again, acceleration is the change in velocity over time, so, again, assuming they went the same distance in the same amount of time, the acceleration for the F-4 would have been 223 m/s divided by 180 seconds = 1.24 m/s squared.  The acceleration of the Boeing 757 would have been about 1.32 m/s squared. Per Newtons 2nd Law, as any physics books will tell you, force is mass times acceleration written as F = ma. The force for the F-4 would be (27,000 kg) (1.24 m/s-squared) = 33,480 Newtons( N). There are two possibilities for the Boeing 757- Assuming the minimum mass, the force for the Boeing 757 would be 99,800 kg( 1.32 m/s-squared) =  131,736 N. Assuming the maximum mass, the force of the Boeing 757 would have been 115,660 kg( 1.32 m/s-squared) = 152,671 N. That means, discounting gravity (again, to simplify the math), which would also have an effect Flight 77 hit the Pentagon with between at least 4 and 5 times the force of the F-4. Seems to me that would make a big difference.  “Truther” B also continues to ignore NUMEROUS eyewitnesses who SAW the plane hit ( source), not to mention the debris lying all over the lawn as evidenced by the pictures here. Since it was the middle of rush hour, making it IMPOSSIBLE to plant evidence without being caught, that leaves  two possibilities: Either the Starship Enterprise beamed the wreckage there or the “truthers” are lying. I’m going to go with the 2nd option.

According to this link provided by “Truther”, the Pilots for 9/11 “Truth” claim Flight 77 was over Urbana, Illinois,  and Flight 175 was over Pittsburgh, Pa .  First of all, even if that were true, which it isn’t, that doesn’t prove squat. After all, they don’t mention WHEN the planes were over the respective cities.  Second, as we see here, Flight 93 never got any further than Ohio before turning back east. As for Flight 175, as you can see from the flight path found here, the claim that Flight 175 was over Pittsburgh is also a lie. Flight 175 was just barely in eastern Pennsylvania before turning around and heading back towards NYC. Pittsburgh is at the WEST end of Pennsylvania.  Obviously, it is the “truthers” who are in fantasyland.


Posted March 19, 2012 by Victor Chabala in Mocking Truthers, Real 9/11 Facts

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