More Nuke Lies from “Truthers”


     First, a hat-tip to Blooddraken, aka wolf5177 for bringing the info on electromagnetic pulse ( EMP) caused by nuclear weapons to my attention.

Readers may recall “Truther” B from a previous article, as well as his buddy “Truther” A. Anyway, ‘”Truther” B is going on about nukes at the WTC yet again despite the fact that, as we see here, even other “truthers” have debunked it.


First, the obvious problem with that claim is that there was no EMP, and as we see here, ALL nuclear explosions produce EMP. “Truther” B claims we saw the aftermath of a nuclear weapon on TV. There’s just one tiny little problem- ALL NUKES produce EMP, which would have fried all electronics in the area. Hint: This means that we WOULD NOT HAVE SEEN ANYTHING due to the fact that any video cameras, cell phones, etc within a certain radius of the blast WOULD NO LONGER HAVE WORKED.

Second, the nuclear weapon would have had to have been placed on the upper floors as that’s where the damage was. Blooddraken/wolf5177 correctly states that EMP is limited by the curvature of the earth and provided a mathematical formula ( from various physics sites that a simple Google search turned up) stating that the distance in miles is about 1.22 times the square root of the height above sea level in feet. He uses the height of WTC 2, about 1395 above sea level as a reference for simplicity and did the math showing that the horizon would be about 45 miles. Granted the plane hit a few stories lower but not enough to make much of a difference. Now, go here



and plug in 45. New York City is in the southeast corner of New York and as you can see, a nuke at the WTC would have taken out a sizable chunk of eastern New York, about ¼ to ½ of New Jersey and the southwest corner of Connecticut, and that’s just the EMP.

As we see here, the fallout can reach CONSIDERABLE distance (reference ).

“Truther” B is also contradicting himself as he says the temperatures never got hot enough to melt steel, but insists a nuclear weapon was used. The problem is even the SMALLEST nuclear weapon would reach temperatures in the range of tens of millions of degrees Celcius ( source ), which can VERY easily melt steel. In short, “ Truther” B wants it both ways.

Of course, the lack of a mushroom cloud is a pretty big clue as well.








(picture from here)

His buddy, “Truther” A ( also from an earlier article )is not much better. He’s pretty dumb, even for a “truther.” At one point when challenged on this issue, “Truther” A stated he didn’t say a bomb, he said an atomic explosive device. Last time I checked, an atomic explosive device IS a bomb. Of course, when fellow debunker 5 ( from another earlier article ) n asked “Truther” A if the upper floors should have just hovered there without any support, ” Truther” A said yes. Once again, “Truthers” A and B are relying on Wile E. Coyote physics.







(picture from here)


Of course, arguing with “truthers” is like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how good I am at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock out the pieces, crap on the board, and strut   around like it is victorious.





(picture from here)









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