More Nuke Lies from “Truthers” 2

Continuing from my previous article, “Truthers” A and B are continuing to make complete fools out of themselves regarding the claim of nuclear weapons used at the WTC. As I mentioned previously, even THEIR OWN SIDE has debunked that claim. Anyway, “Truther” B is claiming that there was no electromagnetic pulse from the nuclear weapon because it was placed under the WTC. There are just three problems with that: 1) Had a nuclear weapon had been placed under the WTC, it would have collapsed from the BOTTOM, not the top, and 2: While one can have an EMP without a nuclear blast, a nuclear blast without an EMP is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, and 3) Placing a nuclear weapon underground would have simply reduced the range of the EMP to about 6 miles, which would still be a fairly good chunk of New York City, which means NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES would have worked. This means we WOULD NOT HAVE SEEN THE SECOND PLANE HIT.   While a Faraday Cage would protect from an EMP, all the EMP needs is a pathway out- just something as seemingly insignificant as the tiniest electrical wire leading out of the Faraday Cage and out the EMP goes.   In addition, as evidenced by the pictures at the upper right side of this site, even the Davy Crockett nuclear mortar is large enough to make fitting it into a suitcase problematic, to say the least. This begs the following question: How in hell does one smuggle said nuclear weapon into two 110-story buildings and one 47-story building that are occupied 24/7 without getting caught -borrow Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak?






(picture from here)


There is also the issue of radiation. “Truther” B insists you can have a radiation-free nuke, which is also PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, for one VERY OBVIOUS reason: Nuclear weapons rely on RADIOACTIVE ELEMENTS or ISOTOPES ( an atom of an element with the same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons) to function. As we see here, many nuclear weapons rely on uranium or plutonium, both of which, as we can see here  and herel, are radioactive. That means there would have been EXTREMELY HIGH RADIATION LEVELS. Since the firefighters were NOT wearing radiation suits, that means there was no nuke; no radiation = no nuclear weapon. Radiation is capable of traveling CONSIDERABLE distances.

Once again, “Truthers” A and B ( and “truthers” in general) come out looking like the east end of a westbound horse.











(picture from here)

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