Continuing “Truther” Stupidity

Once again, it is time to expose “truthers” for the liars they are.  REaders may remember  ” Truthers” A  and B from an earlier article. First, we start with “Truther” A. He is going into one of the usual “truther ” lies about how the Twin Towers were desgined to withstand the impact of a 707. The trouble is, as Fellow Debunker 5, also from an earlier article, points out, that’s not quite true.  A study should that it COULD withstand an impact from a 707 lost in the fog and doing about 180 mph, which, in metric terms, is about 80 meters/second. Oh, and before “truthers” say if you take into account planes landing, you should take into account planes taking off as well, remember that airports will often close if the fog is thick enough.  Also, the word could implies POSSIBILITY, NOT CERTAINTY.  Furthermore, the Boeing 707 is about 263,000 lbs ( source) or 119,300 kilograms. The Boeing 767-200 ER, which is the type of plane that hit the Twin Towers, weigh about 274,000 lbs or 124,300 kilograms and were going between 470 to 590 miles per hour ( 210 to 264 meters/second) (reference), considerably FASTER than the hypothetical 707.  In addition, as we see here, according to Leslie Robertson, the LEAD STRUCTURAL ENGINEER on the Twin Towers, they were NOT specifically designed to survive a plane ipact and his calculaaions were assuming a plane lost in the fog and travelling at low speeds, and he used the 707, which was the largest aircraft in existence at the time.

Getting back to the point, the 767’s that hit the Twin Towers were going between 2.6 amd 3.2 times FASTER than the hypothetical 707.  As Fellow Debunker 5 ( and any physics book or Web site for that matter) mentioned, force increases by the SQUARE of the speed, meaning those 767’s slammed into the Twin Towers with between 6.76 and 10.24 times the force. Quite a big difference.

“Truther” A then wonders why the buildings tipped over on one side before falling, at which time the latest fellow debunker, Fellow Debunker 6, chimed in with something that should be obvious even to a 3rd grader-  the building lost support on one side, so it was going to try to find equilibrium, which, in this case, happened to be on the ground-  sort of like taking a can from the middle of the display instead of the top.

“Truther” A then goes on to with his ludicrous claim that someone on a couch on the top floor would be lucky enough to survive the ride down. Of course, I pointed out the flaw with that in one of my other articles, the couch would be doing around 175 MPH when it hit bottom. There is also the fact that there is no guarantee the couch would stay right-side up, not to mention the fact tht after the couch hit, there is still debris falling on top of it, so there is NO WAY IN HELL someone could survive that.

Next “Truther” A goes on about how the planes disappeared, but as Blooddraken, aka wolf51777 ( mentioned earlier), Lleads us to this site, showing all kinds of aircraft debris found in NYC, and as we see here, there was plenty of aircraft debris at the Pentagon as well.  Strange definition of disappearing.

“Truther” A is also continuing his claim that the rudder and stabilizer should have just stopped on the Pentagon lawn as well as the tail section, engines, etc,, in clear violation of Newton’s 1st Law of Motion.

“Truther” B is also going on about lack of a plane at the Pentagon, despite evidence to the contrary that I previously mentioned.

Back to “Truther” A, he makes the statement that the Pentagon should have slowed down the plane a little bit as it was steel and concrete.  Fellow Debunker 5 then correctly points out that it did, as the plane went into the Pentagon but not back out again as a plane travelling at 500 mph packs quite a punch. Fellow Debunker 6 then points out it would have slowed the plane down by about 10 ft/sec squared, which is negligible given the velocity of the plane.

“Truther” A then goes on to criticize Rumsfield for assisting with the emergency procedures at the Pentagon, but as Fellow Debunker 5 points out 1: Everyone on site is expected to help with emergencies, and 2: Since Rumsfield was the senior man on station, it was also his JOB.   How dare Rumsfield do his job! What was he thinking?!

Clearly, someone stopped payment on the “truthers” reality checks.


Posted March 15, 2013 by Victor Chabala in Mocking Truthers, Opinion, Real 9/11 Facts

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