More “Truther” Lies about the Pentagon

Once again, it is time to expose “truthers” for the liars they are.  Today, I will go with “Truther” B, who was mentioned briefly in my previous article. He provides this link to Jack White’s 9/11 “Studies,” which purport to be proving that the photos were staged. However, I can show you that it is JACK WHITE who faked the photos, or at the very least, is misleading us.

First, as for the man in blue suspenders holding the IV, it is quite possible that the emergency personnel on the scene asked him to help- that is not uncommon in emergency situations.  There is also nothing unusual about priests being at the scene of a disaster such as the Pentagon. Jack White claims the priests are Fathers Steve McGraw and Francis DeRosa but admits their names were not recorded-  there’s no proof.

Next, Jack White claims that the photos here “prove the scene was faked because there was no guardrail, which he claims existed prior to 9/11.  However, if you look closely at the picture, they are clearly taken from DIFFERENT angles.

He tries to claim the aerial shot at the bottom-right here “proves it was faked, but the trouble is  as Blooddraken, aka wolf51777, mentioned previously, pointed out, the aerial shot and the original shot are NOT THE SAME AREA. As he correctly points out, the grassy area in the aerial shot is 20 feet wide, tops, while the other area is larger than a football field. There is also no dirt-filled area or road in the original shot.

As for the guardrail, anyone with an IQ higher than the  absolute zero of outer space ( – 273 degrees Celsius or – 459 Fahrenheit), which automatically eliminates “truthers,”  can figure out that the guardrail was installed AFTER 9/11 to, as Fellow Debunker 5 correctly points out, to keep equipment brought in for cleanup and repair from going over the sidewalk. Everyone knows the guardrails are to keep vehicles from going over, which means they are NEVER put up between grassy areas and sidewalks.

In this photo, White   claims that these are two pictures of the same area, but one can clearly see that they are NOT the same area of the Pentagon. Also, last time I checked, police cars ( or cars in general) aren’t bolted down. The lighting in the photos is also a clue. As  for the warning sign, Blooddraken correctly points out that dangerous areas tend to have MULTIPLE warning signs as anything else is asking for a lawsuit.

As for that red thing next to the green fire truck here, most of us can figure out that it is simply a red fire truck parked next to a green fire truck- someone simply zoomed in too far.. In addition, various fire departments will help each other out in a major disaster.

As for the greener grass, Blooddraken correctly points out that greener grass just means the area was recently resodded and the Pentagon was undergoing some renovation at that time.  It is not inconceivable that landscaping would have been part of it.

White – and “truthers” in general- would do well to remember the old adage of why one should never assume, although the first three letters of assume accurately describes what “truthers” keep making of themselves.


Posted March 16, 2013 by Victor Chabala in Mocking Truthers, Opinion, Real 9/11 Facts

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