‘”Truthers” still lying

Readers may remember ” Truther” A from a previous article.  First he repeats  the melted steel lie with a cartoon from the Far Left Side.  Furthermore, as I pointed out in one of my earliest articles, only the ‘TRUTHERS” ever said the steel melted, Everyone else said the steel WEAKENED, which is NOT the same thing.  In addition, as I pointed out in the very same article, using “truther” logic ( an obvious contradiction of terms), barbecuing should also be impossible as the lighter fluid doesn’t burn hot enough to cook your food. As Skeptic.com pointed out, the temperatures in the WTC were more than sufficient to weaken the steel.  Also, blacksmiths in the Old West managed to work steel horseshoes at far lower temperatures-  last time I checked, jets and jet fuel didn’t exist back then.

Next he repeats the lie that no plane hit the Pentagon.  He says there’s no way a 767 could have done that.  The problem is that Flight 77, which hit the Pentagon, was NOT a 767- it was a 757 He can’t even get the type of airplane right.  Also, numerous eye witnesses SAW the plane hit the Pentagon and despite “truther” claims to the contrary, as I and Daylightatheism.org ( which I might add is run by a LIBERAL) mentioned in one of my very first articles, an airplane will NOT leave an airplane-shaped hole in a wall- this is NOT a Roadrunner cartoon, which is the type of physics “truthers” use. The size and shape of the hole is determined by the objects MASS AND VELOCITY, NOT it’s shape.

“Truther’ A still insists there were explosives planted at the Pentagon.  He doesn’t have the brains to realize that if explosives had been planted, the damage would have been primarily OUTWARD rather than inward.


Finally he repeats the lie that Rumsfeld admitted  that $2.3 trillion went missing on 9/10/01.  However, as I pointed out in yet another article, there are at least 3 reasons this claim is an outright lie: 1: He NEVER said the money was missing-  he said they couldn’t track it due to aging systems that weren’t compatible with each other , 2.  The problem with the $2.3 trillion was discovered during a defense audit in 1999, 2 years BEFORE 9/11/01, when CLINTON was still president( reference).  Why cover up a problem that was the previous administrations fault, and  last but not least, 3:  If you were doing something wrong and and you knew the evidence would be destroyed in an attack on a specific date, why would you even say anything at all rather than keeping your mouth shut?  The obvious answer is you wouldn’t.  The dumbest people on the face of the earth wouldn’t be  THAT dumb- hell, even “truthers”  wouldn’t be THAT dumb.


He also complains about Rumsfeld acting as a first responder when he should have been too busy. However, as Fellow Debunker 5 pointed out, Rumsfeld was an ADMINISTRATOR ( ie, a BUREAUCRAT), not a military man- it would be the Joint Chiefs of Staff handlng the response to the attack and advising Rumsfeld.  It’s not like Rumsfeld couldn’t listen to a report while helping out at the same time- it’s called multi-tasking, which is a MUST in ANY emergency situation..  This also shows another problem with the “truther” claims- If Rumsfeld knew about the attack, why would he even been at the Pentagon that day? Only a complete idiot- or a “truther” – oh, wait, there’s no difference between the 2- would have done anything that dumb.


Posted August 14, 2013 by Victor Chabala in Mocking Truthers, Opinion, Real 9/11 Facts

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