Yet More “Truther” BS

Readers may remember “Truther” A from a previous article.

Recently he posted a picture showing the Twin Towers at the point of the second impact ( which was the South Tower), where there is smoke from the North Tower but you cannot see the flames in the North Tower. “Truther” A assumes ( and again, the first 3 letters of assume accurately describe what “truthers” have been making of themselves for the past 12 years) that since you can’t see the flames through the smoke, there was no fire. He can’t figure out that smoke CAN obscure the fire. As you can see in the videos here and here of recent fires, the fires are clearly being obscured to some degree by smoke ( the latter video more so). “Truther” A also tries to claim that the fires were just flickering, however, as Fellow Debunker 5 ( also from an earlier article) points out there wouldn’t be so much smoke if that were true.

He also does the usual ” zero damage to the floors above impact” baloney.  After all, obviously the floors above the impact MUST have been damaged when they crashed into the floors below them.  Another Fellow Debunker who I will call Fellow Debunker 9 point out that the floors BELOW the impact zone weren’t damaged either- at least not until the building collapsed- He correctly points out that the undamaged upper

Fellow Debunker 5 also correctly points out that there is a LOT of flammable material in an office building in the following quote ( from Fellow Debunker 5): “Actually there is a lot of flammable material in an office building. Paper, books, manuals, forms and the like must have been in there in great amounts. Paper burns at 451 degrees (Thank you Ray Bradbury), steel starts to soften and lose its strength at 400 degrees.

Add in other stuff such as stuffing and upholstery for office chairs, particle board for officer furniture the bosses scotch and other stuff and you have the makings for a pretty good fire.
That’s why they put sprinkler systems in buildings.
So yes, there was enough heat to bring down the buildings.”

As you can see here, there were some VERY large flames in the Twin Towers that day.

Next, “Truther” A wants to know why Larry Silverstein couldn’t have afforded the top of the line sprinkler system. However, Fellow Debunker 9 pointed out that a sprinkler system would not have helped in this case as the impact would have busted the piping, thereby destroying the system and rendering it useless-  and Fellow Debunker 9 is a registered professional engineer with a Fire Protection Certification. Of course, one does NOT need to be a registered professional engineer to figure out that a plane plowing into a building at around 500 MPH is probably going to do a a LOT of damage to the sprinkler system- at least for those of us with an IQ above the absolute zero of outer space ( 0 degrees Kelvin, -273 degrees Celsius, or – 459 degrees Fahrenheit)- which automatically eliminates “truthers.”

” Truther” A then goes on to say that the sprinkler systems are designed to handle fire inside a building. Fellow Debunker 9 then reminds him tht they are designed to handle FIRES, not explosions, the latter of which damage the structure ( granted, fire does too but not as quicky as explosion).  Of course, that’s not counting the structural damage from the plane plowing into it.  Fellow Debunker 9 also points out that you need a LOT of water pressure at the BASE of the building just for a SIMPLE fire and even the most remote sprinkler head would need at least 10 pounds per square inch ( psi). He further states that as you increase in elevation, you lose about .434 psi per foot of elevation.

That may not seem like much but in a building the size of the WTC, and the Twin Towers in particular, it can add up.

Getting back to Fellow Debunker 9’s statemets, a sprinkler system in a building the size of the WTC ( or any other high rise for that matter) requires pumps at the base and boosters higher up in the building. He further- and correctly- states that the system is always pressure charged and the pumps would operate on a pressure drop due to a sprinkler in the upper floors opening. He continues to point out that an explosion MIGHT start the system but would be ineffectual as the sprinkler system is designed to CONTROL the fire at worst and most fires are extinguished by 5 sprinklers in SLOW developing fires. They DEFINITELY would have been overwhelmed by the fires in the WTC on 9/11/01.

Next, “Truther” B, also from a previous article, claims that the conspirators “took” out the water pumps before the impacts.  There is one blatantly obvious problem with this- ho would they know EXACTLY when the planes hit, when one takes into account the possibilities of flight delays due to heavy runway traffic, mechanical problems, etc?  In addition, as was already pointed out, there was no pressure at the fire level due to the impact of the planes.

Fellow Debunker 9 also takes this claim apart by pointing out that: 1) There is more than one fire pump- a primary which is electric and a back-up, which is diesel, and 2) The pumps are EXTREMELY heavy and would have to be dismantled.

The other obvious problem with “Truthe” B’s claim, which Fellow Debunker 9 pointed out is that since the system is alarmed, there is NO WAY IN HELL to even touch the pumps without everybody and their mother knowing it. Here is the process Fellow Debunker points out occurs- the second so much as a valve gets touched, a signal is sent to a control panel and a supervisory service as well as notification to the fire department that the system is out of service, the insurance company to insure as unsprinklered building, and the security staff to engage watchman service.



Once again, we see that “truthers” are less honest than your average politicians-  and my sincerest apologies to politicians for comparing them to “truthers.”





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