Who stopped Payment on the “truthers'” Reality Checks?

Readers will remember “Truther” A from my previous article.

Recently he provided a video of some fluff piece of Richard Gage, an architect who founded Architects and Engineers for 9/11 ” Truth” ( AE911Truth). First of all, despite their name, the “truthers” are about as interested in the truth as OJ is in finding the real killers, and second, Richard Gage has been debunked more time than even a Cray Supercomputer can count.  Anyway, here is the video, which I will shoot down point by point. I will start off by stating, that as Fellow Debunker 4 ( from an earlier article) pointed out, architects are trained to BUILD buildings, not destroy them. It should also be pointed out that, as we see here, Gage admitted that controlled demolition was outside the scope of his training and experience.

At 1 minute and 4 seconds, Gage states that there were no gradual deformations that are associated with collapses.  Guess what?  This is a LIE. As we see here, there was indeed bowing and sagging indicative of a collapse and numerous photos from many different angles show it. As a matter of fact, a chopper pilot spotted the warning signs of a collapse, the inward bowing, about 8 minutes before it collapsed ( source). In addition, Gage clearly has n idea what he’s talking about as explosives do NOT cause gradual collapse- they are INSTANTANEOUS.  In addition, as I mentioned in one of my other articles, people such as  Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League,  Architect Bob Shelton, who was IN the North Tower, and FDNY Lieutenant Robert Bohack, all of whom, unlike Gage, were ACTUALLY AT Ground Zero on 9/11/01, heard a creaking sound, a cracking sound like spaghetti noodles being broken in half, and a groaning sound, respectively.  Explosives do NOT make ANY of those sounds. It’s also worth noting that as we see here, this is the same Richard Gage who said, “Well that’s why they would have used thermite, which is a more silent, um, thermate, which is a special form of thermite with added sulfur, because obviously you wouldn’t want a whole bunch of explosions to be heard, even though they were, it’s not a perfect science. They have a hundred and eighteen witnesses just from those who were recorded in the oral histories.”

There are three obvious problems with that: 1: A silent explosive is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. The only place you can have a silent explosion is in the vacuum of outer space- or between the ears of “truthers, “2:  If silent explosives were possible- which they are NOT- you would NOT be able to hear them, and 3: Thermite is NOT an explosive, it’s an incendiary.

At 1 minute and 29 seconds, Gage repeats the lie that WTC 7 collapsed straight down into it’s own footprint. One need only read Brent Blanchards 8/8/06 Implosionworld.com article, which I mentioned here  to see that Gage is full of, shall we say, male bovine excrement.

At one minute and 32 seconds, Gage repeats the freefall speed lie. This site here shows how “truthers” fudge that data. For one thing, the debris is OUTPACING the building.

At 4 minutes and 16 seconds,he cites Steven Jones, whi has already been debunked and claims that the following elements prove thermite was used:  He states that spheres were, which is true. However, this site  shows there was nothing suspicious about that. Gage states that  the spheres  have iron, aluminum, fluorine, manganese, which he claims are unusual elements associated only with thermite.  However,  those claims are a lie.  Iron is often used in the structure of buildings, as we see here. In addition, iron is often a component of steel, as is manganese ( reference). Aluminum, as we see at this site, is commonly used for commercial and residential construction ( the WTC falls under the former).  It is used for things such as window and door frames, cladding, etc.  I’m fairly certain that there were quite a few window and door frames in the WTC. Fluorine is often used in refrigerant gases that refrigerators and air contitioners use.  I’m fairly certain the WTC had air conditioning.  In addition it is also used in electrical insulation, again, it’s a pretty safe bet that there would be a lot of electrical insulation in the WTC ( source). In short, every single element that Gage claims is unusual and only associated with thermite is, in point of fact, COMMONLY used in building construction.

At 6 minutes and twelve seconds, when the people interviewing him ask about the amount of thermite/nanothermite, Gage says we was talking about several tons of it.  You CANNOT sneak several tons of ANYTHING into a building that was occupied 24/7- it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

At 6 minutes and 27 seconds, he states that the WTC security was handled primarily by Securacom.Stratasec, when, in acutality, the Port Authority handled most of the WTC security.

At 6 minutes and 38 seconds, he states that the elevator modernization was simply a cover.  That is just an assumption on his part. Older buildings are always upgrading things and I doubt the WTC was any different.  He also states that it was going on 9 months prior to 9/11.  9 months prior to 9/11/01 would have been December 11, 2000, almost a month BEFORE GWB took office.

Oh, and at 7 minutes and 12 seconds, the female anchor was clearly rolling her eyes with one of those ” Give me a break” grimaces, and the male seems to be trying not to laugh at Gage’s outright lies.  In short, they were EMBARASSED, not shocked.

Suffice it to say the stupidity of the “truthers” is so entertaining that Marvin the Paranoid Android from the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy would be rolling on the floor laughing at them.  Then again, “truthers” probably think 42 really is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.


Marvin the paranoid android



Hitchhikers guide to galaxy


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