“Truthers” Really Reaching

It’s time once again to expose “truthers” for the morons they are- and include a REAL WORLD physics( and maybe chemistry ) review as well, even though “truthers” run away from facts faster than Ted Kennedy from an AA meeting.

Readers will, of course, remember “Truther” A, who, even for “truthers,” is dumb.

Recently, ” Truther” A sent me this photo from this site, which claims that the woman in question, Beverly Eckert was killed in a plane crash just 6 days after she asked Obama to investigate 9/11 and that Obama bought her plane tickets.  The  ONLY part that is true was that she died in a plane crash. First of all, there is NO PROOF WHATSOEVER that Obama bought her plane ticket. Yes, Obama met with her and he mentioned her just after the plane crash that killed her ( source), but that does NOT prove he bought her plane tickets.  Any other president would have probably done the same thing.  As we see here, Beverly Eckert was the founder of an advocacy group for the families of 9/11 victims ( she lost her husband in that attack) and to avoid the mistakes that led to 9/11.  Oh, and mistakes do NOT equal a conspiracy.

Anyway, as we see from this article, it’s presumed that heavy ice caused the crash as the crew had  been discussing a heavy ice buildup on the nose and wings within 30 minutes of the crash. Let’s not forget that the East coast was ( and I believe still is, to a degree), getting slammed by severe winter weather ( yes, I know it’s technically spring, but Mother Nature doesn’t read the calendar).

Before anyone brings up that thee plane’s automatic de-icer system was on ( reference), that still does NOT prove a conspiracy for the following reasons: 1: Just because it was on doesn’t mean it was working- and before anyone says they could have ( and probably did) run it through a systems check before leaving, that doesn’t prove anything either.  Even something as simple as a loose connection can cause a false green ( or red) light, and 2:  Given the severe weather conditions ( even if there was no storm, it’s still cold at the altitudes planes fly at), it’s quite possible for even a fully functional de-icing system to get overwhelmed.  Hmm, so let’s see, an ice build-up on the plane in severe winter conditions- gee, I wonder what the odds of that are?

Now, to review some of the other stuff that “Truther” A and “Truther” B ( from previous articles)  have both made claims about.

First, we have a Youtube video  provided by “Truther” A in which I debunked several claims by Richard Gage in an earlier article.

I will just do a quick review of the basics.

First of all, Gage’s claim that there was no gradual deformation associated with collapse is false. Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urbam League, Architect Bob Shelton, and FDNY Lt. Robert  Bohack, who, unlike Gage, were actually there, say otherwise.

Gage also claims that the spheres, which were composed of iron, aluminum, fluorine and manganese are never found in buildings and therefore prove that thermite was used.  This is a lie, and not just because thermite is an INCENDIARY, not an an explosive.  Iron, as we see here, iron is a component of steel- in fact, it’s the main component of steel. Hmm, finding iron, the main component of steel in a steel-framed building- go figure.  Manganese is also a component of steel ( reference).  Aluminum is frequently used to make door and window frames ( reference), something I’m sure the WTC had a lot of as two 110-story office buildings will require a lot of doors, and therefore a lot of door frames as no doors would make entering and exiting the building problematic, to say the least, unless the Starship Enterprise beamed them in and out.


USS Enterprise


As for the fluorine, it’s often used as a refrigerant in air conditioning systems and in electrical insulation ( reference).  There’s a pretty good chance that there was an AC in the WTC, and I’m fairly certain there was a lot of electrical insulation in there.

Of course, ” Truther” A is also the same person who insists that had the tail section of flight 77 sheared off, it should have simply plopped down on the Pentagon lawn rather than following the rest of the plane in, in CLEAR VIOLATION of Newton’s 1st Law of Motion, the Law of Inertia, which, as any real world physics text will tell you, states, ” An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”  In short, even had the tail section of the plane sheared off, it would have STILL FOLLOWED the rest of the plane in as per Newton’s 1st Law.

Oh, and before “truthers” want to know what the unbalanced force was on the Twin Towers, that would be the planes. The answer why is quite simple.  Newton’s 2nd Law, which any physics book will tell you, is force – mass times acceleration, written as F = ma.

Now, acceleration, in physics terms, is defined as a change in velocity over time and even a millisecond is still time. Furthermore, acceleration can be positive or negative.  Obviously, the planes had mass, and it doesn’t take an Einstein to know that a plane slamming into a building at about 400 MPH is going to experience a rather abrupt change in velocity.

Of course, “Truther” A IS the one, who when asked who Newton was, said, ” Wasn’t his first name Fig?”

Next, we have  ” Truther” B ( also from an earlier article)

“Truther” B also has no understanding of the laws of physics, although he claims he does. He thinks that the airplane should have left an airplane-shaped hole in the Pentagon, or, as he puts it, ” Like objects make like holes.”  Of course, this only happens in Roadrunner cartoons.

Roadrunner cartoon


Of course, “Truther” B also claimed it’s physically impossible to move more with less, which even a third-grader knows is false. After all, my car has more mass than I do, yet I’m still able to push my car. “Truther” B’s lame response to that was, ” the car has wheels.”  That does NOT change the FACT that the car is more massive than I am, or the FACT that the wheels actually ADD to the mass of the car.

Then when I pointed out to “Truther” B that you can indeed move more with less, and asked him if he had ever heard of levers and pulleys, he claimed I was suggesting that the WTC was brought down with levers.  Anyone with half a brain- which automatically eliminates “truthers-” knows I said no such thing and was merely giving one example of how one could move more with less.

“Truther” B  posted this article, claiming neutron bombs, which would be a type of nuclear bomb.   The aforementioned article

claimed that barium, strontium, chromium, thorium, uranium, lithium, lanthanum, yttrium, and tritium ( an isotope of hydrogen) all “prove” nuclear weapons because those elements should never be found in buildings.  Of course, as usual, the ” truthers” are lying.

Barium is often used in steel and cast iron  ( hmm, another component of steel in a steel-framed building- imagine that) and is also used as rat poison. It’s not inconceivable that a 30-year -old building could have a rat problem. Strontium, of course, is often used in cathode ray tubes, which things such as a computer monitor have.  It’s a safe bet that an office building will be chock full of computers.

Chromium may also be a component of steel, as I mentioned in one of my earliest articles.

Thorium can be used for electronic components ( reference), and uranium is often used in smoke detectors ( source).  Hmm, there couldn’t possibly be any electronic components or smoke detectors in any office building, could there?

Lithium is found in batteries ( source).

Lanthanum is used in glass, video cameras, cameras, etc. ( reference).

Yttrium can be used to produce the color red in TV tubes ( source)

Tritium ( which is a hydrogen atom that has 1 proton and 2 neutrons in it’s nucleus rather than the usual 1 proton and zero neutrons), can, as I mentioned in an earlier article, be found in exit signs and can also be a paint polymer.


Now, for one of my earliest articles, Steven Jones claimed that of the following list of elements found the WTC debris by a USGS survey,  Silicon, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Iron, Aluminum, Carbon (organic and carbonate), Sodium, Potassium, Titanium, Manganese, and Phosphorus, four of them, Sulfur, Potassium, Titanium, Manganese, “prove thermate ( reference).

 I will go down the list, but will skip anything I have already listed in this article.

Silicon, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, and sodium are often used in glass fibers ( reference).  Hmm, there couldn’t possibly be any glass fibers in windows, could there? 

Gypsum, a component of drywall contains sulfate ( which is 1 sulfur atom combined with 4 oxygen atoms) and calcium.

Concrete contains calcium, aluminum hydroxide, silicon, potassium, etc (source).

As I mentioned earlier in this article, manganese is also a component of steel.

last but not least, we have titanium, which is often used as a pigment in paint.  There’s all four of the “unusual elements” accounted for and they are all elements that would be used in the normal construction of a building.

Clearly, any claims made by “truthers” are composed of boron and sulfur.


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