“Truthers” have Lost It

Readers will remember “Truther” A from a previous article.

Recently, he provided this link, which he claims “proves” “truthers” correct.  The aforementioned link provides a YouTube video showing a controlled demolition in China, but is comparing apples to oranges.  For one thing, you clearly hear the INSTANTANEOUS  boom that results from explosives in controlled demolition. However, the site says thermite was used.  The problem is, as I have mentioned in a previous article , thermite is NOT an expolsive- it’s an incendiary, and, as you see in this YouTube video, makes a CRACKLING sound.

The link “Truther” A provided claims that the Twin Towers were brought down by a “banana peel” demolition that starts at the top or the middle.  The problem is that controlled demolition is NEVER done from the top or the middle- it ALWAYS starts at the bottom.  The video in the link has the camera aimed at the middle of the building, but if you watch clearly, you can see there were clearly explosives at the bottom of the building as well. Of course, it’s not that surprising that “truthers” would purposely rig the video.

Brent Blanchard of Protec, who has 20 YEARS of experience in controlled demolition, does an excellent job explaining why the “truther” claims are lies.   He correctly points out that controlled demolition is ALWAYS done from the bottom down to maximize the force of gravity, which gives the best results, although supplementary charges may be placed on upper floors for better control.  However, Blachard points out that the initial collapse of the towers started where the planes hit.

In addition, Blanchard further points out that in order to correctly place cutter charges, you would have to tear the building apart to get to the core columns, and the only two possibilities of getting either thermite or explosives into the building without getting caught are IMPOSSIBLE as it would require either placing the charges in advance or placing them in the time between impact and collapse.

As for WTC 7, as Brent Blanchard points out, it was pelted by debris from the collapsing North Tower, resulting in a huge hole carved in it’s side plus it caught fire, not to mention the debris was coming from hundreds of feet above it, which means the debris was hauling some butt when it slammed into WTC 7.

Before “truthers” provide us with their picture of what they claim is an undamaged WTC 7, the pictures “truthers” use are of the NORTH side of WTC 7 when it was the SOUTH side that was damaged.

The original link then links to this article from AE911Truth claiming that Popular Mechanics ignores the demolition of the destruction of the Skyride Towers from Chicago’s 1933 Worlds fair using thermite.  However, this is apples to oranges, as there is NO comparison between a ride and a building.  That and AE911Truth , and specificallym it’s founder, Richard Gage, has admitted controlled demolition is beyond his training and experience, as we see here.

Then again, this is the same Richard Gage who, as I mentioned previously,  said that’s why they used thermite, a silent explosive- never mind the fact that 1: Silent explosives are PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE- that and even if they weren’t ( which they are), you could NOT HEAR THEM, and 2: Thermite is an INCENDIARY, not an explosive.

There is another problem too, and it PROVES “truthers” are contradicting themselves, and therefore, by definition, LYING.

Here it is in 4 points: 1: Only “truthers” say the steel melted, 2: “Truthers” say fire can’t melt steel, 3: “Truthers claim thermite was used, and 4: Thermite is an INCEDIARY, and as we see here, one definition of an incendiary ( which would clearly be the category thermite falls into) is ” a substance or weapons ( as a bomb) used to start fires.”   This makes it quite obvious that “truthers” are contradicting themselves.

Getting back to the skyride, the two towers at either end were 628 ft( 191 meters) tall ( source).

WTC 1 and 2 were 1,368 ft( 417 meters) and 1,361 ft ( 415 meters), respectively ( reference).  That makes the Twin Towers about twice as tall.

Furthermore, as we see here, it took 1500 pounds of thermite to bring down a 628 tower, so logic ( something that escapes “truthers”) dictates that you’d need MORE than that to bring down the Twin Towers and WTC 7.

The original link from “Truther” A shows a video of a car engine being burned by thermite. However, this site  shows the EXACT SAME VIDEO, and does the calculations for the amount of thermite required just to put a small hole in a SMALL car engine and correctly points out that you would need TONS of the stuff to bring down the Twin owers.  As a matter of fact, as I mentioned in a previous article, Richard Gage himself admitted that you’d need several tons of thermite to bring down the WTC.  Exactly how are you going to get several tons of ANYTHING, let alone thermite, into two 110-story buildings and one 47-story building that are occupied 24/7?  Have Harry Potter do a summoning charm?


Harry Potter


In addition as I pointed out in a previous article,every single element that Gage ( and “truthers” in general) claim prove thermite are, in point of fact, elements that are normally used in the construction of a building.  One example, of course, being titanium, which is used as a paint pigment ( source).

There’s also the fact that as we see here,thermite burning tends to be chaotic (source).

“Truther” A’s source goes into detail about nanothermite and claims that the findings in the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal was peer-reviewed and withstood the scrutiny of experts.  However, as I pointed out here, this is a lie.  For one thing, the aforementioned journal tends to be very sloppy with their peer review process and accepted a computer generated nonsense paper ( source).

11-settembre goes into even more detail as to why the claim of nanothermite is false. The biggest problem that 11-settembre points out with the nanothermite ( although they also point out that the so-called “unusual elemebts aren’t unusual at all), is that the chemical used to soak the samples, methyl ethyl ketone ( MEK), tends to react with aluminum, so using it to find aluminum in the samples is problematic to say the least.

Clearly, “truthers” are living proof of Einstein’s statement, ” The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it’s limits.”




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