“Truthers” repeat same nuke lies

It is once again time to demonstrate that “truthers” are made of lithium, argon, and sulfur.







Readers will remember “Truther” B from a previous article.

He is continuing to claim there were nukes used at the WTC in spite of the fact, that, as I mentioned earlier, even “TRUTHERS” have debunked it ( reference).

He recently provided this link from Veterans Today, which, as Fellow Debunker 4, from an earlier article, is not known for being a reliable or honest source.  Furthermore, if you look closely, you will notice that one of the authors of the article is Press TV,  which is the English-language version of Iran’s state-run media. In other words, the article is knowingly using a source hostile to the US to “prove” a point.  Not exactly a stellar example.

However, another debunker, who I will refer to as Fellow Debunker 9, shot that claim down rather effectively with this link, showing that the culprit was actually asbestos, not nukes.  Fellow Debunker also points out, correctly, that there were no traces of nuclear radiation. The only radiation found was normal background radiation.

Furthermore, we are still asking “Truther” B the following question, which he has yet to answer:  If nuclear weapons were used, where the electromagnetic pulses ( EMPs)?

When Fellow Debunker 9 asked “Truther” B where the nuclear radiation was, ” Truther” B provided this link in an attempt to “prove his point.  However, the link did NOT prove squat. All it said is that  he National Institute for Occupational Safety ( NIOS) added fifty types of cancer to the list of diseases that affected 9/11 victims and would be federally funded.  It also cited a 2011 report showing that  theWTC  rescue workers and exposed civilians had more cases of mental and physical illness than the general population, which is what you’d expect.

“Truther” B also cites Jim Fetzer, who he claims is a friend of his.  The troublee is Jim Fezter is a PHILOSOPHER of science, which as we see here, is more general and theoretical.  The fact remains that Fetzer has ZERO experience in the field of nuclear physics.

When both Fellow Debunker 9 and Blooddraken ( also from an earlier article)  continue to press “Truther” B about the lack of nuclear radiation and EMPs, he just goes into the “truther” tap dance.

Fellow debunker 9 correctly points out that nukes give off radiation, which is only common sense as they rely on radioactive elements, such as uranium or plutonium to operate, as I pointed out earlier

Fellow debunker 9 also correctly pointed out that in order cover up something like nuclear radiation, the entire government, medical profession, and the media would have to be involved and he further pointed out the obvious fact that the more people you have involved in a conspiracy, the better the chance that someone will let something slip.

“Truther” B just cannot answer the question of where the EMP was if nukes were used. In addition, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY we would have seen anything on TV after the first impact if nukes were used as EMPs, while harmless to humans, fry electronics.  As Blooddraken pointed out, a nuclear blast without an EMP is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.   As we see here it’s been known since we started testing nuclear weapons in the 1940s that they would produce an EMP. Simply put, while you can have an EMP without a nuclear blast- a solar flare, for example– you CANNOT have a nuclear blast without an EMP or radiation.  It’s just PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

As we can clearly see, “truthers” are full of carbon, radium, and phosphorus.






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