Pilots for 9/11 “Truth” still not truthful

Readers will remember “Truther” B from my previous article.

Recently he posted this YouTube video by Pilots for 9/11 “Truth.”

Before I continue, it should be pointed out that Pilots for 9/111 “Truth” have already been caught lying as this quote I provided from Fellow Debunker 5 from a previous article says: ” Actually no, the first lie is the location of the gate. They show gate D26 at the end of the terminal, however if you go to gofox.com and the Dulles airports website and look at the concourse map you will see it’s down away from the end more opposite of gate D23.

Now another issue with this is that to show the correct path they overlaid the entire photo (transparent) over the original which gives it a double image and makes landmarks a bit hard to make out. Then they placed an image of the concourse they had over it. That image seemed to be place a little to the south.

Now when I took that image and cut out the supposed path and moved it the starting point appeared over the concourse about where gate D26 appears on the two concourse maps I found. Allowing for a margin of error and the fact that the line used is very wide (representing about 50 yards in width) I would say that this is a non issue.”  The other lie is also addressed in the aforementioned article.

Back to the video, they state that Flight 175 hit the South tower at about 510 knots ground speed, which is about 586 miles per hour. However, they also claim this is an impossible speed.  The problem is, that it is NOT an  impossible for a Boeing 767.

As we see here, the air frame for the Boeing 767 is rated at about 0.86 of Mach 1, which is the speed of sound.  The speed of sound at sea level is about 761 miles per hour or 661 knots.  0.86 of 761 miles per hour is 654 mph or 568 knots.

In addition, the same site states that the planes actually hit the towers at between 500 and 560 mph, or between 434 and 486 knots.

Basic math shows the problem. No matter who’s figures you’re using, the impact occurred at speeds of between 94 and and 154 miles per hour ( 82 to 134 knots) LESS than the speeds the air frame is rated for.

Before anyone brings up John Lear’s statement, as we see here, his justification is that ” Considering that 560mph is 145mph faster than its recommended maximum operating speed…”  Hint: Maximum recommended maximum operating speed does NOT mean impossible.

The site further points out that the maximum operating speed is decided by Boeing and the operator and is NOT a performance limit – it’s simply for passenger safety and to reduce wear and tear on the plane.

This quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson sums it up perfectly:


Tysonism on conspiracy theories

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