Black Friday Shopping on Thanksgiving is Hypocritical

I realize this is off the topic of the blog but with Thanksgiving being right around the corner, it needs to be said.

To those of you that participate in the “feeding frenzy” on Thanksgiving Day, 1: You should be ashamed of yourselves, and 2) You’re a bunch of hypocrites ( not necessarily in that order).

The reason you are a bunch of hypocrites is because on the very day you are SUPPOSED to be giving thanks for what you ALREADY have you are in line acting like a  bunch of rabid dogs for what you WANT.  Actually, I take that comment about rabid dogs back. Unlike you, rabid dogs at least have an excuse for their behavior.

As for the reason you should be ashamed of yourselves, that is twofold; 1 Essentially the same reason in the above paragraph, and 2) Because of you, the retail employees have to give up their holiday because you have to have that deal.

Before those of you that participate in that feeding frenzy say you’re giving up your holiday too, there is one key difference: Unlike the retail employees, you are CHOOSING to be there.

That being said, I do NOT hold the stores that open on Thanksgiving blameless- they are anything BUT blameless.  However, I hold those of you who participate in the aforementioned feeding frenzy far more to blame fo one very obvious reasons: The reason those stores keep opening on Thanksgiving is that because they keep making money off of YOU. If you didn’t participate in that Thanksgiving feeding frenzy, the stores wouldn’t make any money off of  it and they’d stop opening on Thanksgiving. It’s a self-correcting problem- of course, those of you that participate in that feeding frenzy are obviously too selfish to care.

Now, before anyone tries to compare retail employees working on Thanksgiving to emergency personnel, restaurant, hotel, and convenience store employees working on Thanksgiving, that is apples to oranges.

I will start with emergency personnel. Emergency personnel working on Thanksgiving ( or any other holiday, for that matter), is a NECESSITY. Hint: Emergencies don’t take days off. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that if you go into ANY of the fields that are considered emergency personnel ( police, firefighters, etc0, you KNOW those are professions that MUST operate 24/7, so one can argue that by choosing to be emergency personnel, they are volunteering to work holidays ( and they rotate holidays as well).

Now, as for restaurants, there are two reasons for them to be open on holidays – granted it’s usually just Denny’s and IHOP ( more so the former) that are open on holidays ( a lot of restaurants do close on holidays and I’m fine with that); 1) A lot of people have family get-togethers on holidays and it’s quite possible that the home of whoever is hosting the get-together is not large enough to accommodate everyone but a restaurant can, and 2) Emergency personnel still have to eat, and as busy as they can get on holidays, it may be more convenient for them to grab a bite at a restaurant rather than going all the way back to the station.

The reason for hotels to be open is the same as the first reason I gave with respect to restaurants.

Last, but not least, with respect to convenience stores, besides the obvious fact that there’s a REASON they’re called convenience stores, the emergency personnel who are busting their butts on the holidays may want to grab a quick snack or a cup of coffee between calls,and possibly answer the call of nature. That reason applies to gas stations as well.

Finally, there is one thing that I have to say to a couple groups of people ( there is more than that but if I listed every single crappy thing that the participants of the feeding frenzy did, it would take me at least a decade):

First, to those of you that, back in ’08, broke down the doors of a Walmart on Long Island and trampled an employee to death, were you born in a barn?  (reference)

Last but not least, to those of you who, back in 2011, stepped over a man who had just collapsed from a heart attack in a Target store in South Charleston. W.Va ( source), to continue shopping, YOU are the WORST of the lot and should be REALLY ashamed of yourselves as you REALLY missed the point of the holiday season.  What ever happened to helplng your fellow man?  It seems to me that you could have at least called 911 but that would obviously required morals on your part.


Posted October 30, 2014 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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