“Truthers” run from Facts

It’s time once again to demonstrate that facts to “truthers” are like sunlight to vampires.

First, we have “Truther’ A, from a previous article.

In a fairly recent conversation with Fellow Debunker 4, also from an earlier article, ” Truther” A contradicted himself, like most “truthers.”    Originally, ” Truther” A said no plane hit the Pentagon ( he later goes back to that claim), but in the aforementioned conversation, he said that the Pentagon approach was “damn close to landing.”   Fellow Debunker 4 correctly pointed out that ” damn close to a landing” is a CRASH, or, as I put it, close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and nuclear weapons.

Later on, “Truther” A asked why the people driving by the Pentagon didn’t take pictures of the “alleged” airplane- his, words, NOT mine.

First, of all, there was NO alleged about it. As we see here NUMEROUS eyewitnesses SAW the plane hit

Fellow Debunker 4 correctly pointed out that, A: People generally don’t drive around with a camera sitting in the drivers seat ready to take a picture, and B; Cell phone camera’s weren’t commonly available until 2005 or 2006.

Another debunker, who I will call Fellow debunker 10 then pointed out some other obvious problems with trying to get a photo pf the plane before it slammed into the Pentagon: 1) The point where the plane flew over the road was about 800 ft ( about 244 meters) away from the Pentagon and the plane was going at 700 ft/second, which is 477 MPH ( 768 km/hr).  He further points out that in the time it would take someone to say, ‘Oh shit, something’s wrong,” grab the camera, and aim it, the plane would have already hit the Pentagon.  He further stated that in the time it took him to get his camera – which is on his cell phone-  it took him over 4 seconds to get his cell phone, get the camera running and focus on something and that a plane going at that speed could easily travel over half a mile in that time frame.  As a matter of fact, we can figure out how far the plane would have traveled in that time by using the good old fashioned distance = rate (time) (D =rt) equation.  We know the plane was going at about 700 ft/s and using the 4 second time frame, we can plug in the numbers and we see that in the 4 second time frame, a plane can travel 2800 feet, which is indeed about half a mile.

Fellow Debunker 4 also points out one thing that seems to elude “truthers” about their conspiracy theorys, which are all needlessly complicates- Occam’s Razor, which states, ” Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily,” ( reference) or to put it another way, ” Keep it simple, stupid.”

Now we will switch to “Truther” B, also from a previous article.

He thinks that the fact that the Pentagon ran a drill in November of 2000 ( his words, not mine) is more than a little strange.

Fellow Debunker 10 was quick to point out the flaw in that logic- he stated, ” So by that logic my company does fire drills occasionally, if we have a fire that would make it strange like the fire was staged.”

Here are some other problems with “Truther” B’s claims, found here: First of all, the drill was in OCTOBER of 2000, second it did NOT involve a hijacked airliner, and third, The Pentagon is right next to Ronald Reagan International Airport.  Hmm, being right next to a major airport couldn’t possibly have anything to do with planning for a plane crash, could it?

“Truther” B is also still going on about nukes used at the WTC despite the fact that it has been debunked MANY times.  He assumes that the steel turned to dust when those of us that use real world physics see the debris and dust billowing out of a collapsing building.

He also goes on about the thermite- never mind the fact that thermite is an INCENDIARY, not an explosive.

The problem is every single element “truthers” claim “proves” thermite or nukes is used in the normal construction of a building. As we see here, a USGS survey found the following elements in samples of WTC dust Silicon, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Iron, Aluminum, Carbon (organic and carbonate), Sodium, Potassium, Titanium, Manganese, and Phosphorus.and Steven Jones flagged Sulfur, Potassium, Titanium, Manganese as possible indicators of thermate or thermite.

The problem is every single one of those elements are elements that would normally be used in the construction of the building as I pointed out here

There is also the fact that there was no radiation and no EMP ( electromagnetic pulse) and a nuclear blast without either one of those things is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Of course, “Truther” B also claims that gravity is a poor explanation as to why the buildings came down when it was actually the MAIN explanation. Then agan, as I pointed out in a previous article, ” Truther” B has no understanding of gravity.

Once again, we see that “truthers” use Roadrunner cartoon physics.

Roadrunner cartoon 2



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