“Truthers” still don’t understand real world physics

Readers will remember “Truther” B from a previous article.

He is still expounding on the nuke theory ( despite the fact that even “truthers: have debunked it).  In addition, he alternating between claiming steel turned to dust or steel vaporized, which proves he is lying as he is contradicting himself. Last time I checked, dust was solid and vapor was gas. The fact remains that the steel did NEITHER of the two things he claims. It simply fell into a cloud of dust and debris. The fact is ANY time a building collapses, it’s going to kick up dust and debris.

His source is Veteran’s Today, which is NOT known for being an accurate or reliable source and the article simply repeats claims that I shot down in an earlier article.

I will, of course, recap- again, the order I address them in is not necessarily the order the article made the claims:


First, the claim that barium and strontium are never used in buildings are false.   As Fellow Debunker 5 pointed out, barium is used in steel and cast iron and may also be used as rat poison, and strontium is used in cathode ray tubes, such as those in computer monitors and TVs.

Second we have the claim that thorium and uranium should never be found in building rubble, which is also a lie. Thorium is often used in electronic equipment, specifically for coating the tungsten wires in said electronic equipment (reference).

Uranium is used in smoke detectors ( source).  Hmm, an office building couldn’t possibly have electronic equipment or smoke detectors in it.

Rather than digging through the rest of it, the sources can be found in one of my earlier articles, so here we go for the rest:  lithium can be found in cell phones in the form off lithium niobate and can also be found in various types of batteries, lanthanum can be used for lighting, optical fibers, etc, Yttrium can be used to produce the color red in TV picture tubes, tritium is often used in  exit signs and may also be used as a paint polymer, and last but not least, chromium can be a component of steel, as well as being a wood preservative among other things.

There is also the fact that ALL nuclear explosions will produce radiation and an electromagnetic pulse. A nuclear blast without either one of those is PHYSICALLY impossible.

When challenged as to where the EMP wasm “Truther” B’s response was to request someone show us the effect of an EMP, when it is fairly common knowlegde- at least to those of us who understand real world physics- that an EMP, while harmless to humans, will fry ANY electronics in the area.

“Truther” B’s response was any camera would do. However, as Fellow Debunker 5 pointed out, that’s NOT true. An old mechanical camera would not be affected by an EMP, however, a modern digital camera would be. Fellow Debunker 5 also points out, correctly, that it has been scientifically proven that ALL nuclear blasts emit a strong EMP, which plays hell with any electronics.

While EMP’s will fry electronics, it’s quite obvious that all “truther” statements are half-baked.



Posted February 23, 2015 by Victor Chabala in Mocking Truthers, Opinion, Real 9/11 Facts

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