“Truthers” still not interested in Facts

” Truthers” are still telling their usual lie that Bush did not do anything about the warnings he received regarding 9/11, while conveniently ignoring the FACT that all the warnings, including the PDB Memo, were EXTREMELY vague and didn’t say anything other than Bin Laden was determined to attack in the United States. That really wasn’t useful, seeing as how the US is kind of a big target. As we see here, the FBI said they could not corraborate the threats of hijackings. As you can clearly see, the PDB memo was really nothing more than a rather half-assed status report.  In order for Bush to have stopped the attacks, he would have needed to know the date and time, target,and method of attacks. Simply put, he would have needed to know where, when, and how. The PDB memo(and other warnings) did NOT answer any of those three questions. Simply saying Bin Laden was determined to strike in the US was about as helpful as telling someone to meet you at Starbucks.

Starbucks humor 3


Posted October 10, 2015 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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