More “Truther” lies and hypocrisy

 Once again , it is time to expose the lies and hypocrisy of “truthers.”  Recently, I had a new “truther,” who I will cal “Truther E”, do a granny hit and run on my forum dedicated to exposing their lies. One thing “Truther” E did was essentially say that I should at least have some respect for those who lost loved ones in the attacks. The following photo is my response to “Truther” E:


pot meet kettle


Another thing “Truther” E said is that he lived 10 minutes outside of DC on 9/11 and he never saw any plane, tail etc.

There are several problems with this. 1) 10 minutes outside of DC is NOT the same as in DC, plus he wasn’t necessarily anywhere near the Pentagon when the plane hit. 2) As we see here, eyewitnesses SAW the plane hit. In addition, there were plenty of plane parts both on the Pentagon lawn and inside the Pentagon. As we see here, most of the plane went INSIDE the Pentagon. The site in question provides eyewitness accounts of people who hauled the plane parts out of the Pentagon, including the hub of an airplane wheel about 3/4 of the way down the page.

As for the size of the hole in the Pentagon, this site points out, correctly, that a speeding aircraft slamming into is NOT going to leave an exact outline of itself. The site further points out that, as many eyewitnesses, who SAW the plane hit, stated, the plane crashed and skidded along the ground before hitting the Pentagon. In this case, the wings, which are designed to be as light as possible, would have already been disintegrating before hitting the building but still caused significant damage to the Pentagon ( reference).

Oh, and before any “Truther” says that disintegration means the wings wwere no longer there, that is false. Here is the definition of disintegrate, according to Merriam Webster:,

”  Full Definition of disintegrate

  1. transitive verb

    1:  to break or decompose into constituent elements, parts, or small particles

    2:  to destroy the unity or integrity of

  2. intransitive verb

    1:  to break or separate into constituent elements or parts

    2:  to lose unity or integrity by or as if by breaking into parts

    3:  to undergo a change in composition <an atomic nucleus that disintegrates because of radioactivity>”

In short, despite the fact that the wings disintegrated, the entire mass of the wings would still be there as per the Law of Conservation of Mass, which,as any physics book will tell you, states that , ” Matter can neither be transormed nor destroyed, only transformed. That means regardless of the change in matter, the MASS (which is the amount of matter) NEVER changes.   Since the mass of the wings would still be there, albeit no longer attached to the planes, the wings ( or, more accurately, pieces of thee wings), would still be going at the same speed the plane was when it hit. To put it another way, “truthers” need to quit taking physics lessons from Roadrunner cartoons. Also, the Pentagon is in VIRGINIA, not Washington DC.



Roadrunner cartoon 2


Oh, and  before “”truthers” say the wreckage was planted there, seeing as how everyone was gaping at the Pentagon ( plus it was the middle of rush hour) that would have been IMPOSSIBLE for them to do without getting caught, unless the Starship Enterpise beamed the wreckage there.


Starship Enterprise







. Next, we have “Truther” B, who readers will remember from a previous article

He is continuing the “truther” lie that Silverstein deliberately demolished WTC 7 and admitted to it on live TV. His source is Veterans Today , which as I pointed out in a previous article, is a source that is NOT known for accuracy or honesty. In point of fact, they are less accurate than your average tabloid, and that’s insulting tabloids.

The Veteran’s Today article in question claims Silverstein desgined a new WTC 7 in April of 2000 and even provides a video. The problem is the video clearly starts in the middle of the speech, meaning it was taken out of context, as “truthers” tend to do.

As I mentioned in one of my earliest articles, “truthers” point to the fact that Silverstein insured WTC 7 against terrorist attacks as proof that he was aware it would be attacked. The problem is that the WTC was attacked by terrorists in 2003, so it is not only expected but also logical to insure it against terrorism. Only a complete idiot or a “truther” ( oh, wait, that’s the same thing) wouldn’t have done so.

In addition, if the “truther” claim was right ( which it isn’t), that would mean that Silverstein admitted to insurance fraud on live television. Why would ANYONE admit to committing insurance fraud on live TV. The dumbest people on the face of the earth aren’t THAT dumb. Hell, even “truthers” aren’t THAT dumb.

Oh, and we have this quote from Silverstein found here: ” I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, “We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.” And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.”

Even “truthers” admit Silverstein was talking to the fire department, so the 2 possible interpretations are, 1) ” We’ve had such a terrible loss of life that it would be a good idea to get the firefighters out of there,” or 2) ” We’ve had such a terrible loss of life that it would be a good idea to blow up my building.” Logic ( something that escapes “truthers”) dictates that the first interpretation makes a lot more sense.

Once again, we see that “truthers” run away from facts faster than Bill Clinton dropping his pants around an intern.







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