More REAL facts about cell phones on airlines

“Truthers” are still going on about cell phone usage being impossible from an airplane ( never mind the FACT that as we see from a previous article, 1) Most of the calls were made from AIRPHONES and 2) Cell phone calls weren’t impossible to make from an airplane in 2001, just very difficult. Hint: Difficult and impossible are NOT the same thing.

As we see from this New York Times article from September 14, 2001- 3 days AFTER the 9/11 attacks occurred, the older phones, which use analog can operate as high as 10 miles  ( 52,800 ft) and the digital ones can operate at an altitude of 5 or 6 miles ( 26,400 -31,680 ft). Also from the aforementioned NYT article we see that a typical airline cruising altitude is 35,000 ft or 6.6 miles, which puts it at the outside range for cell phones that operate on digital systems and well within the range for the older, analog cell phones.

Also, as we see here, it was NOT the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA) but rather the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC) that banned cell phone usage on airplanes- the FAA simply upheld the FCC ban. Oh, and the reason the FCC banned cell phone usage on airlines is because they were worried about it interfering with ground networks, plus said ban was enacted in 1991, 10 years BEFORE 9/11 ( source).  This, of course, begs the following question- if cell phones didn’t work on planes, why would the FCC have been worried about cell phones on planes interfering with ground networks. Logic, which escapes “truthers,” says they would not have been worried about it if cell phones didn’t work on planes.

As for Dewdney’s Project Achilles, the biggest problem with it, according to 9/  is that he made this call close to the center of the city, which tends to be heavily populated and therefore have a ton of cell phone stations- Dewdney himself described it as “richly supplied.”

The problem is each base station can only handle so many cell phone users, which means the more users you have, the more base stations you need, plus the shorter distance between base stations in the central area of the city means less power is required ( reference).

As we see from here, according to a German page, the cell diameter goes from 100 kilometers ( .062 miles or 328 ft) in the inner cities ( which is where Dewdney conducted his test) to 15 kilometers ( 9.3 miles) in rural areas.

In short, by sticking to the area that used less power and therefore less range, Dewdney rigged the experiment since, as 9/ points out, his experiment does NOT prove that cell phones would not work in an airplane over rural areas, which use more power and therefore have a greater range.

Oh, and it should also be pointed out that the planes that rammed the Twin Towers and the Pentagon had to descend in order to hit said buildings and, therefore, were conceivably within the range the base stations that had lower power and range.

It seems to me that “truthers” are about due for another type of cell- specifically of the padded variety.




Posted April 29, 2017 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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