Real Facts about intact passports

“Truthers” are still insisting that the fact that passports were found intact at Ground Zero is proof of an inside job. However, this is false.

First of all, as we see here, passports are made out of 60 different materials, only 2 of which are paper and plastic ( source).   In addition, there are passport covvers, which can be plastic, leather, etc ( reference), although the passports may or may not have had a cover.  Furthermore, as 9/ points out, explosions are unpredictable, plus one of the victims United Airlines Mileage Plus cards was found. Being a card, it was plastic, not paper.  Not only that, but two pieces of mail, specfically letters, which tend to be paper were found ( reference).  Although it is unrelated, as we see here, in the case of the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster six canisters of worms not only survived intact ( the shuttle itself broke up 40 miles above the earth) but the worms were also alive.  As we know, reentry gets pretty darn hot, specifically about 3000 degrees Farhenheit or 1649 degrees Celcius, so why couldn’t a passport or a letter survive the much lower temperatures of the WTC fire ( lower than reentry, that is)?.

As we see from this site, the planes broke apart on impact, THEN the 60 tons fuel that had been stored mainly in the wings exploded and it was actually more of a conflagration, as the precise mixing of fuel and air is difficult to pull off. Furthermore, when the plane broke apart, while some of the debris probably did richochet, the larger debris continued on a straight line at the same speed the plane had been going upon impact, as per Newton’s !st Law of motion. Therefore, it is not inconceivable that passports and such survived intact.


Posted September 9, 2017 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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