More REAL Facts

Just a review of the REAL facts for “truthers.”


First, let’s start with the Twin Towers. “Truthers” say it was controlled demolition despite controlled demolition professionals saying otherwise.

As we see here, controlled demolition is done in such a way that all parts of the building are in motion at the same time. This was NOT the case with the Twin Towers. In point of fact, the parts above the impact began falling first, and the floors below the impact did not budge until the upper portions collapsed on them ( reference).

Before someone says the explosives were planted, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to have predicted the exact location of the planes on impact ( source).  That and logic  ( something that escapes “truthers”) dictates that in order to plant explosives, they would have had to spent months tearing apart walls to place the explosives properly. There is NO WAY IN HELL that would have gone unnoticed, unless the Starship Enterprise beamed them there.



As for why the South tower collapsed first despite being hit second, that has to do with how the planes hit. The plane that hit the North tower hit between the 94th and 98th floors, pretty much head on. The plane that hit the South Tower hitbetween the 78th and 84th floor at an angle. As a result, the damage to the South tower was not only less evenly distrubuted but also lower down, meaning that the weakened area on the South Tower had to support more weight than the damaged area of the North Tower ( reference). As a result, it was only natural for the South Tower to have collapsed first. It’s called physics. By physics, I mean real world physics, not the Roadrunner cartoon physics “truthers” use.

Roadrunner cartoon


As for WT7, while no airplane hit it, it did suffer significant damage as a result of being pelted by debris from the collapsing towers. Furthermore, despite “truther” claims to the contrary, there were severe fires in WTC 7 plus a big gaping hole on the south side of the WTC. “Truthers” purposely use the north side of WTC 7, rather than the north side ( source).


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