Real Facts About Black Smoke

“Truthers” claim that black smoke in the Twin Towers indicated an oxygen-starved fire.  However, as we see here, that is false.

Leaving aside the FACT that the buildings had gaping holes in them- which allowed air, of which oxygen is a component of, the color of the smoke is often an indication of WHAT is burning (reference).

This quote from here, provided by sums it up perfectly: ” Large fires involving plastics produce copious quantities of black smoke.”  I’m sure there were plenty of plastics in the WTC on 9/11 and those fires certainly qualify as large fires.

Furthermore, black smoke tends to indicate petroleum-based products (source). Last time I checked, plastics were petroleum-based products, not to mention the jet fuel.

In point of fact, black smoke, especially if thick, simply indicates the fuel is not being fully consumed ( reference).  Now, before some “truther” says that’s proof that the fires was oxygen-starved, that is 100% FALSE. Oxygen and fuel are NOT the same thing. As we see from the fire triangle provided below, a fire requires THREE things: Oxygen, fuel- which is defined as something to burn- and heat.


fire triangle


As for the fuel not being fully consumed, anyone who has ever taken BASIC chemistry can tell you that is not unusual in a chemical reaction ( and a fire is indeed a type of chemical reaction).   That’s why when you do stoichiometry in chemistry, which is defined here as” 1.the calculation of the quantities of chemical elements or compounds involved in chemical reactions.

2.the branch of chemistry dealing with relationships of combining elements, especially quantitatively.,” you also often have something called the “limiting reactant” and “excess reactant.”  Generally, when one is in the chem lab, the reaction is controlled. However in the case of the WTC fires, the recent wildfires, etc, the reaction was clearly UNCONTROLLED. 


Last but not least, let’s not forget that the oil wells in Kuwait, which were OUTDOORS,  that Saddam set on fire back in ’91, produced black smoke, as did the recent wildfires here in California.  Seeing as how BOTH examples were OUTSIDE, lack of oxygen was clearly NOT a problem.

As usual. “truthers” are just blowing smoke.








Posted February 16, 2018 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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