“Truthers” still not interested in Facts

” Truthers” are still telling their usual lie that Bush did not do anything about the warnings he received regarding 9/11, while conveniently ignoring the FACT that all the warnings, including the PDB Memo, were EXTREMELY vague and didn’t say anything other than Bin Laden was determined to attack in the United States. That really wasn’t useful, seeing as how the US is kind of a big target. As we see here, the FBI said they could not corraborate the threats of hijackings. As you can clearly see, the PDB memo was really nothing more than a rather half-assed status report.  In order for Bush to have stopped the attacks, he would have needed to know the date and time, target,and method of attacks. Simply put, he would have needed to know where, when, and how. The PDB memo(and other warnings) did NOT answer any of those three questions. Simply saying Bin Laden was determined to strike in the US was about as helpful as telling someone to meet you at Starbucks.

Starbucks humor 3

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“Truthers” still don’t understand real world physics

Readers will remember “Truther” B from a previous article.

He is still expounding on the nuke theory ( despite the fact that even “truthers: have debunked it).  In addition, he alternating between claiming steel turned to dust or steel vaporized, which proves he is lying as he is contradicting himself. Last time I checked, dust was solid and vapor was gas. The fact remains that the steel did NEITHER of the two things he claims. It simply fell into a cloud of dust and debris. The fact is ANY time a building collapses, it’s going to kick up dust and debris.

His source is Veteran’s Today, which is NOT known for being an accurate or reliable source and the article simply repeats claims that I shot down in an earlier article.

I will, of course, recap- again, the order I address them in is not necessarily the order the article made the claims:


First, the claim that barium and strontium are never used in buildings are false.   As Fellow Debunker 5 pointed out, barium is used in steel and cast iron and may also be used as rat poison, and strontium is used in cathode ray tubes, such as those in computer monitors and TVs.

Second we have the claim that thorium and uranium should never be found in building rubble, which is also a lie. Thorium is often used in electronic equipment, specifically for coating the tungsten wires in said electronic equipment (reference).

Uranium is used in smoke detectors ( source).  Hmm, an office building couldn’t possibly have electronic equipment or smoke detectors in it.

Rather than digging through the rest of it, the sources can be found in one of my earlier articles, so here we go for the rest:  lithium can be found in cell phones in the form off lithium niobate and can also be found in various types of batteries, lanthanum can be used for lighting, optical fibers, etc, Yttrium can be used to produce the color red in TV picture tubes, tritium is often used in  exit signs and may also be used as a paint polymer, and last but not least, chromium can be a component of steel, as well as being a wood preservative among other things.

There is also the fact that ALL nuclear explosions will produce radiation and an electromagnetic pulse. A nuclear blast without either one of those is PHYSICALLY impossible.

When challenged as to where the EMP wasm “Truther” B’s response was to request someone show us the effect of an EMP, when it is fairly common knowlegde- at least to those of us who understand real world physics- that an EMP, while harmless to humans, will fry ANY electronics in the area.

“Truther” B’s response was any camera would do. However, as Fellow Debunker 5 pointed out, that’s NOT true. An old mechanical camera would not be affected by an EMP, however, a modern digital camera would be. Fellow Debunker 5 also points out, correctly, that it has been scientifically proven that ALL nuclear blasts emit a strong EMP, which plays hell with any electronics.

While EMP’s will fry electronics, it’s quite obvious that all “truther” statements are half-baked.


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“Truthers” run from Facts

It’s time once again to demonstrate that facts to “truthers” are like sunlight to vampires.

First, we have “Truther’ A, from a previous article.

In a fairly recent conversation with Fellow Debunker 4, also from an earlier article, ” Truther” A contradicted himself, like most “truthers.”    Originally, ” Truther” A said no plane hit the Pentagon ( he later goes back to that claim), but in the aforementioned conversation, he said that the Pentagon approach was “damn close to landing.”   Fellow Debunker 4 correctly pointed out that ” damn close to a landing” is a CRASH, or, as I put it, close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and nuclear weapons.

Later on, “Truther” A asked why the people driving by the Pentagon didn’t take pictures of the “alleged” airplane- his, words, NOT mine.

First, of all, there was NO alleged about it. As we see here NUMEROUS eyewitnesses SAW the plane hit

Fellow Debunker 4 correctly pointed out that, A: People generally don’t drive around with a camera sitting in the drivers seat ready to take a picture, and B; Cell phone camera’s weren’t commonly available until 2005 or 2006.

Another debunker, who I will call Fellow debunker 10 then pointed out some other obvious problems with trying to get a photo pf the plane before it slammed into the Pentagon: 1) The point where the plane flew over the road was about 800 ft ( about 244 meters) away from the Pentagon and the plane was going at 700 ft/second, which is 477 MPH ( 768 km/hr).  He further points out that in the time it would take someone to say, ‘Oh shit, something’s wrong,” grab the camera, and aim it, the plane would have already hit the Pentagon.  He further stated that in the time it took him to get his camera – which is on his cell phone-  it took him over 4 seconds to get his cell phone, get the camera running and focus on something and that a plane going at that speed could easily travel over half a mile in that time frame.  As a matter of fact, we can figure out how far the plane would have traveled in that time by using the good old fashioned distance = rate (time) (D =rt) equation.  We know the plane was going at about 700 ft/s and using the 4 second time frame, we can plug in the numbers and we see that in the 4 second time frame, a plane can travel 2800 feet, which is indeed about half a mile.

Fellow Debunker 4 also points out one thing that seems to elude “truthers” about their conspiracy theorys, which are all needlessly complicates- Occam’s Razor, which states, ” Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily,” ( reference) or to put it another way, ” Keep it simple, stupid.”

Now we will switch to “Truther” B, also from a previous article.

He thinks that the fact that the Pentagon ran a drill in November of 2000 ( his words, not mine) is more than a little strange.

Fellow Debunker 10 was quick to point out the flaw in that logic- he stated, ” So by that logic my company does fire drills occasionally, if we have a fire that would make it strange like the fire was staged.”

Here are some other problems with “Truther” B’s claims, found here: First of all, the drill was in OCTOBER of 2000, second it did NOT involve a hijacked airliner, and third, The Pentagon is right next to Ronald Reagan International Airport.  Hmm, being right next to a major airport couldn’t possibly have anything to do with planning for a plane crash, could it?

“Truther” B is also still going on about nukes used at the WTC despite the fact that it has been debunked MANY times.  He assumes that the steel turned to dust when those of us that use real world physics see the debris and dust billowing out of a collapsing building.

He also goes on about the thermite- never mind the fact that thermite is an INCENDIARY, not an explosive.

The problem is every single element “truthers” claim “proves” thermite or nukes is used in the normal construction of a building. As we see here, a USGS survey found the following elements in samples of WTC dust Silicon, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Iron, Aluminum, Carbon (organic and carbonate), Sodium, Potassium, Titanium, Manganese, and Phosphorus.and Steven Jones flagged Sulfur, Potassium, Titanium, Manganese as possible indicators of thermate or thermite.

The problem is every single one of those elements are elements that would normally be used in the construction of the building as I pointed out here

There is also the fact that there was no radiation and no EMP ( electromagnetic pulse) and a nuclear blast without either one of those things is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Of course, “Truther” B also claims that gravity is a poor explanation as to why the buildings came down when it was actually the MAIN explanation. Then agan, as I pointed out in a previous article, ” Truther” B has no understanding of gravity.

Once again, we see that “truthers” use Roadrunner cartoon physics.

Roadrunner cartoon 2


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Black Friday Shopping on Thanksgiving is Hypocritical

I realize this is off the topic of the blog but with Thanksgiving being right around the corner, it needs to be said.

To those of you that participate in the “feeding frenzy” on Thanksgiving Day, 1: You should be ashamed of yourselves, and 2) You’re a bunch of hypocrites ( not necessarily in that order).

The reason you are a bunch of hypocrites is because on the very day you are SUPPOSED to be giving thanks for what you ALREADY have you are in line acting like a  bunch of rabid dogs for what you WANT.  Actually, I take that comment about rabid dogs back. Unlike you, rabid dogs at least have an excuse for their behavior.

As for the reason you should be ashamed of yourselves, that is twofold; 1 Essentially the same reason in the above paragraph, and 2) Because of you, the retail employees have to give up their holiday because you have to have that deal.

Before those of you that participate in that feeding frenzy say you’re giving up your holiday too, there is one key difference: Unlike the retail employees, you are CHOOSING to be there.

That being said, I do NOT hold the stores that open on Thanksgiving blameless- they are anything BUT blameless.  However, I hold those of you who participate in the aforementioned feeding frenzy far more to blame fo one very obvious reasons: The reason those stores keep opening on Thanksgiving is that because they keep making money off of YOU. If you didn’t participate in that Thanksgiving feeding frenzy, the stores wouldn’t make any money off of  it and they’d stop opening on Thanksgiving. It’s a self-correcting problem- of course, those of you that participate in that feeding frenzy are obviously too selfish to care.

Now, before anyone tries to compare retail employees working on Thanksgiving to emergency personnel, restaurant, hotel, and convenience store employees working on Thanksgiving, that is apples to oranges.

I will start with emergency personnel. Emergency personnel working on Thanksgiving ( or any other holiday, for that matter), is a NECESSITY. Hint: Emergencies don’t take days off. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that if you go into ANY of the fields that are considered emergency personnel ( police, firefighters, etc0, you KNOW those are professions that MUST operate 24/7, so one can argue that by choosing to be emergency personnel, they are volunteering to work holidays ( and they rotate holidays as well).

Now, as for restaurants, there are two reasons for them to be open on holidays – granted it’s usually just Denny’s and IHOP ( more so the former) that are open on holidays ( a lot of restaurants do close on holidays and I’m fine with that); 1) A lot of people have family get-togethers on holidays and it’s quite possible that the home of whoever is hosting the get-together is not large enough to accommodate everyone but a restaurant can, and 2) Emergency personnel still have to eat, and as busy as they can get on holidays, it may be more convenient for them to grab a bite at a restaurant rather than going all the way back to the station.

The reason for hotels to be open is the same as the first reason I gave with respect to restaurants.

Last, but not least, with respect to convenience stores, besides the obvious fact that there’s a REASON they’re called convenience stores, the emergency personnel who are busting their butts on the holidays may want to grab a quick snack or a cup of coffee between calls,and possibly answer the call of nature. That reason applies to gas stations as well.

Finally, there is one thing that I have to say to a couple groups of people ( there is more than that but if I listed every single crappy thing that the participants of the feeding frenzy did, it would take me at least a decade):

First, to those of you that, back in ’08, broke down the doors of a Walmart on Long Island and trampled an employee to death, were you born in a barn?  (reference)

Last but not least, to those of you who, back in 2011, stepped over a man who had just collapsed from a heart attack in a Target store in South Charleston. W.Va ( source), to continue shopping, YOU are the WORST of the lot and should be REALLY ashamed of yourselves as you REALLY missed the point of the holiday season.  What ever happened to helplng your fellow man?  It seems to me that you could have at least called 911 but that would obviously required morals on your part.

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“Truthers” still can’t prove anything

Readers will remember “Truther” B from my previous article.


Recently, he provided this YouTube video of just ONE NYC firefighter, Rudy Dent to “prove” controlled demolition in the case of the Twin Towers and WTC 7.

The problem is that, as we see here, there are about 10,200 uniformed firefighters in NYC, as well as 3300+ paramedics, EMTs, etc.   just going by the uniformed firefighters alone, 1 out of the 10,200 comes to a whopping 0.01%.  With the number of uniformed firefighters, I could probably find one that says he saw GWB fly the planes into the  buildings himself, then hold a press conference afterwards in the middle of the burning building, and that the flames were holographic and it was an android reading at Emma E Booker Elementary School in Florida.

In short, all “Truther” B has managed to prove is that every group has it’s fair share of nut jobs with a political agenda.


Oh, and Master Yoda has some advice for “truthers”



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“Truther” Don’t Understand Gravity

“Truther” B, from yesterday’s article, is continuing to display his ignorance in a continuing exchange with Fellow Debunker 9, this time with respect to gravity.

When Fellow Debunker 9 pointed out that astronauts in space are weightless in space, “Truther” B’s response was that they’re not affected  by gravity and are also travelling very fast.

Just one problem: If they were not affected by gravity, they would fly out of orbit. Gravity is what KEEPS things in orbit, whether it’s an artificial satellite or the moon in orbit around the earth or the planets around the sun.


As we see here, and as any physics book will tell you, anything in orbit IS still affected by gravity and is actually FALLING towards the earth. It’s just doing so with sufficient momentum to avoid hitting the ground or, as this site puts it, ” Douglas Adams was right; “Flying is simple. You just throw yourself at the ground and miss.”


“Truther’ B’s claim is a clear violation of Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation which as we see here,( and as any physics book will tell you) states that “every body in the universe is attracted to every other body with a force that is directly proportional to the product of the bodies’ masses and inversely proportional to the square of the bodies’ separation.”

The equation is often written as Fgravity =G (M1M2/ r^2), where G is the universal gravitational constant, 6.67 x 10^-11 N x m^2/ kg^2, M1 and M2 are the masses of the objects in question and r^2 is the distance between two objects.  It also demonstrates why “Truther” B’s claim is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Clearly, “truthers” don’t realize the gravity of their ignorance.



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“Truthers” Still Using Roadrunner Cartoon Physics

It is once again time to demonstrate that “truthers” are made of tungsten, actinium, potassium, oxygen, and sulfur.












Readers will remember “Truther’ B from an earlier article.  Like most “truthers,” he still insists on using Roadrunner Cartoon physics instead of real world physics, yet he calls everyone else’s grasp on physical reality into question. Suffice it to say a “truther” questioning someone’s grip on physical reality is like Ted Kennedy questioning someone’s sobriety.

In an exchange between “Truther”B and Fellow Debunker 9 ( also from an earlier article), “Truther” B demonstrates his ignorance.

First, ” Truther” B provides the following picture purporting to be melted rock at Ground Zero:


truther lies


However, as Fellow Debunker 9 points out, that is merely solidified concrete slurry.

“Truther” B then continues with the “melted steel” lie, but as we see here the molten stuff was SLAG, not steel.  Slag is the byproduct, or, in other words, the waste product of steel smelting and slag is a mix of silicates and oxides ( source).

As this site clearly indicates, there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER of molten steel. What “truthers” claim is molten steel happens to be red hod SOLID steel. Hint, if it’s solid, it’s NOT molten.  The aforementioned link mentions that the molten metal if any, may well have been aluminum from the planes as aluminum melts at  660 degrees Celsius or 933 degrees Fahrenheit, which is well below the temperature jet fuel burns at, between 980 and 2200 degrees Celsius ( 1253 to 2473 degrees Farhenheit).

While “truthers” are technically correct that the melting point of steel, 1425-1540 degrees Celsius ( 1698- 1813 degrees Fahrenheit), they conveniently ignore the FACT that steel loses it’s structural integrity at between 700-820 degrees Celsius ( 973 – 1093 Fahrenheit), which was well within the temperatures recorded in the WTC.  Furthermore, red hot steel will burn in air or in the presence of steam ( reference) The source of air wouldbe quite obvious- the big gaping holes in the sides of the building and it’s not unreasonable to assume there was some steam present too as there would be plenty of sources of water to be converted to steam- toilets and other plumbing in the restrooms comes to mind. Logic dictates that the Twin Towers would have had lots of restrooms seeing as how someone who works on, say, the 80th floor, is not going to want to go all the way down to the bottom floors just to use the restroom.

This quote from the previously cited link sums it up perfectly: ” That all being said, a 767 Family plane can carry up to 90,000 liters of fuel in its hull. It is estimated the two planes had about 28,000 Liters left in their tanks which is spread all over the hull from the wings to the fuselage (for ballast and balance control). The crash and shredding of the plane hardware caused the fuel to ignite almost instantly. Since it was not a controlled burn it is likely to hit the highest end of the combustion scale at its core, causing simultaneous ignition of anything around that was combustible and causing severe damage to load bearing pillars.”

Fellow Debunker 9 then correctly stated that when the building came down, all the potential energy (stored energy) was converted to kinetic energy ( energy of motion). He also correctly pointed out that, per the First Law of Thermodynamics, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. In simpler terms, the energy required to put the towers up equals the energy required to bring them down.

As an aside, there are other times of energy in addition to kinetic and potential energy. There is also heat energy, and mechanical energy.  A common unit for energy is the Joule, and per the First Law of Thermodynamics, regardless of the types of energy you have on each side of the equation, if you have 200 Joules on the left side of the equation, you MUST have 200 Joules on the right side of the equation.

Fellow Debunker 9 also correctly pointed out that the steel was not melted, it was ” chemically eroded by a combination of oxygen and sulfur acting on the steel and accelerated by heat,” or, in layman’s terms, it was rusted.  As any chemistry book will tell you, heat is a catalyst in many chemical reactions.

“Truther” B then wanted to know how you can destroy all that matter with minimal force, while conveniently ignoring the FACT that per the Law of Conservation of Matter, Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. This is why chemical equations MUST be balanced. For example, if you have 6 carbons, 12 hydrogens, and 8 oxygens on the left side of the equation, you MUST have 6 carbons, 12 hydrogens, and 8 oxygens on the right side of the equation.

Of course “Truther” B is the same one who insists you can’t move more with less, and when I pointed out that levers and pulleys are one way of doing exactly that, he made the ridiculous assumption that I was saying the WTC was brought down with levers and pulleys when even a 3rd grader could figure out I was simply offering one example. Then again, when it was pointed out that a person, who is less massive than a car, can push the car, his lame response was that ” the car has wheels.” Never mind the fact that, A)  The wheels ADD mass to the car, and B) it does NOT change the FACT that a car has more mass than a person.


Once again, we see that any statement made by “truthers” is comosed of arsenic, indium, iodine, and neon.






Indium  form Periodic Table of Elements






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