Melted Steel Lie revisited

Since “truthers insist on saying fire can’t melt steel, while ignoring the FACT that they are the only ones making that claim,   As we can see here, the steel did not need to melt, only weaknen and the temperatures of between 1000 and 1800 degrees Fahrenheit ( 538-982 degrees Celcius was more than sufficient to weaken it. After all, steel loses half its strength at 650 degrees Fahrenheit ( 343 degrees Celcius) and 90% of it’s strength at the maximum temp of the WTC fires and even losing 50% of it’s strength would be more than sufficient to reslult in the eventual collapse ( source).

I know “truthers” will point to the “pooled samples of melted steel” while ignoring the fact that those are just observations and not tested in the lab, which is the ONLY way to be sure ( source).  As eSkeptic points out, many people will refer to any grayish metal as steel, while ignoring the fact that one must do some sort of test in a lab to be sure. The metal was more than likely aluminum, which was one of the structural components of the WTC. Furthermore, alumimum melts at a much lower temperature than steel and can look like steel at first glance. This is yet more proof that “truthers” need to remember the old adage of why one should never ASSume ( yes,  I deliberately capitalized the first 3 letters. “Truthers” are clearly composed of arsenic, selenium and sulfur.







Posted September 9, 2017 by Victor Chabala in Real 9/11 Facts

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